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     I have been a professional musician for most of my adult life. My primary performance instruments are bass and guitar. While jazz was my first love, I have involved myself with all styles of music, from rock to country, and pop to Latin to funk. Over the years I have also honed my skills in pit work, performing shows with a variety of name artists.

     As a professional musician I understand the importance of a proper setup and maintenance to provide optimal performance from the instrument and maximize the enjoyment for the player. Having worked on instruments for over 30 years I understand that with proper attention to detail even the most inexpensive instrument can be made to play on par with a high end instrument.


     I learned piano tuning in 1982 from a good friend and pianist. I tuned mostly by word of mouth for other working musicians in those early years. I went on to apprentice for 8 years with Bartlett & Associates, a full service piano tuning and repair service located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was there I learned all phases of repair and rebuilding for any make or model of piano. I attended the Little Red Schoolhouse at Yamaha and am certified in piano regulation and maintenance of the Disklavier digital player piano system.


     I bring a lifetime of playing experience to my work in setup and repair, and as always, my approach is from the players perspective.

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